Blue Mitchell – Down With It


Down With It is a fairly standard bop and soul-jazz session from Blue Mitchell. Leading a quintet that features a young Chick Corea on piano, tenor saxophonist Junior Cook, bassist Gene Taylor, and drummer Al Foster, Mitchell creates a laid-back atmosphere which makes R&B covers like “Hi-Heel Sneakers” or the lite bossa nova of “Samba De Stacy” roll along nicely. Just as often, the record is so relaxed that it fails to generate much spark, but each the soloists have fine moments that makes the session worthwhile for jazz purists.

Personnel: Blue Mitchell (trumpet); Junior Cook (tenor saxophone); Chick Corea (piano); Gene Taylor (double bass); Al Foster (drums).


01. Hi-Heel Sneakers
02. Perception
03. Alone, Alone and Alone
04. March On Selma
05. One Shirt
06. Samba De Stacy

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