Woima Collective – Tezeta


The Woima Collective was born from deep within the brass section of renowned German funk unit Poets Of Rhythm, as tenor sax player Johannes Schleiermacher became immersed in the rhythms and modes of the African music that the Poets love so much.

Combining the tight funk of groups like The Heliocentrics and the Poets Of Rhythm, with gnarly abyssinian brass and classic Mulatu-esque organ licks, the twelve tracks on Tezeta breeze into Europe on the Siroccan winds. At times, the band nods to dubby workouts like on the track ‘No Way But Still Walking’, at other times the brass section threaten to get free and atonal on the album closer ‘Wilder Mann’. Nevertheless Tezeta takes the cohesive pulse of North Africa, and fits it in a groove that will run and run for days. The Woima Collective celebrates the hypnotic beauty of Ethiopian scales and African rhythms, but creates an unique sound out of those influences, leaving lots of space for the individual band members to do their dance.

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01. Marz
02. Credo
03. Woima
04. Gaaf
05. Puno
06. No Way But Still Walking
07. Cavemans Revenge
08. Wayna
09. The Cave
10. Gidama
11. Illusions
12. Wilder Mann


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