STROKE.ARTFAIR is teaming up with PROJECT MOONCIRCLE to present an incredible selection of sounds and artworks.

The STROKE.ARTFAIR is the worlds first art fair with a main focus on all developements concerning the worldwide movement of the so called Urban Art. The fair was planned as a wandering-concept to justice the demands of this international art movement. The STROKE.ARTFAIR took already place twice in Munich (October ’09 and Mai ’10) and once in Berlin (October ’10). The next issue of the fair – STROKE.ARTFAIR – will take place once again in Munich (may 26 – 29). Additional shows will be presented throughout Germany next year.
Project: Mooncircle – founded in 2002 and presently one of the most creative german Music-labels – have teamed up to present STROKE.MUSIC, their first joint cooperation; a “soundtrack to art”. The Berlin based label, with its unconventional and genre-crossing mixture between Hip Hop, Electronica, Downbeat, Soul, and Dubstep, and the first worldwide Urban Art Fair share a great set of ideals and, therefore, promise to be the perfect partners for STROKE.MUSIC. To bring STROKE.MUSIC into being, the artists of the STROKE.ARTFAIR galleries were asked to choose their personal favorite song out of the vast musical label-archive and use it as inspiration to create a new piece of art. The results of this venture will be presented in Munich during the STROKE.ARTFAIR in a special exhibition. Every interested visitor will be able to listen to the music while looking at the art in order to blend the impressions into a complete audio-visual experience. The STROKE.MUSIC compilation will be available as a free download for the first thousand interested listeners. Afterwards, every art- and music-aficionado can acquire the compilation for the price they believe to be appropriate.

The compilation includes acts like Robot Koch, fLako, John Robinson, DZA, Comfort Fit, Mike Gao, Dday One, Numaads, Glen Porter, The Q4, Long Arm, Graciela Maria, Pavel Dovgal, Joe Kickass, Killing Skills, Ta Ku, Szenario, Nienvox and more…


01. Long Arm – Double Bass In Love
02. 40 Winks – The Day Breaks
03. Dday One – Look Again (Dday One Remix)
04. The Q4 – Lose Control
05. Nienvox – Left
06. Numaads – 5 Minutes (STROKE.EXCLUSIVE)
07. Graciela Maria – Through The Night
08. Pavel Dovgal – Andromeda
09. Killing Skills – Van Dijck Brown
10. Robot Koch – Water and Soultions
11. Numaads – Now (Robot Koch Remix)
12. Glen Porter – 5AM
13. Robot Koch and John Robinson – The Planet Is My Canvas
14. Comfort Fit – Bermuda
15. Ta Ku – Zine High (STROKE.EXCLUSIVE)
16. Joe Kickass – That Type Of Night (STROKE.EXCLUSIVE)
17. DZA – Pick a Star (STROKE.EXCLUSIVE)
18. fLako – Shake It Harder
19. Szenario – Another One ft. Jazuk Czep
20. Mike Gao – Melamine

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