VA – Ocean of Tears


When there are no words to express the feelings-music always helps. It won’t cure the pain or heal the wounds and won’t bring the time back. But it could become the most closest and understanding friend. Especially in the right time-when almost all ships with your dreams are deeply sunk in the ocean of tears. And the only lighthouse in the middle of of this infinite ocean is music. This is a tribute compilation from russian instrumental hip-hop producers to the recent tragic events which are known by everyone and to which there is a place in everyone’s heart.

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01. I-Tone – Expectations
02. Pavel Dovgal – Orfeo ed Euridice
03. A.B.S.T.R.A. – Pain
04. Bitchpleaze – Cry For Mommy
05. Mag. T – Hold Me Tight
06. DJ Sasha – Deep Miracle
07. Cream Child – TV Boss
08. 813 – Neon Tomahawke
09. Funky Drmmer – Boom Bap
10. Feyorz – Lamento
11. Cardio Rhythm – Cosmic Gate
12. Oh!Dee – Funkin’ 4 Japan
13. Anatoly Ice – From Space
14. Foner – Follow My Whistle
15. Sumeo – Heaven

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