Rapohnelizenz – The Beat Tape Vol​​.​2


We´re proud to bring to you the second installment of our very own “Rap ohne Lizenz – Beattape”.

So, first of all we would like to thank all the producers and beat makers around the globe who took part in this beautiful experience. We received an unbelievable amount of fresh beats and had a real hard time to choose who gets to shine. No violence was used creating the track list although it was kind of close at one stage. Everything you hear is previously unreleased material. So turn up the volume and enjoy the ride.

All Rights stay with the Artists. If you appreciate getting this music for free, please support the Artists by donating [on bandcamp] whatever you can spare and give some love back. Peace – ROL-Family


01. Thallus – Time Got His Owns Plans
02. Telemachus – Sordid Gramma
03. P.U.D.G.E. – Far And Distant Land
04. Pigeondust – Heavy Foot
05. Boombaptist – Jazz Hands
06. Torky Tork – Shake
07. Bit1 – Insmn
08. Porflogik – Busted Deck
09. Jon Phinics – Liberties
10. Feux – Hero
11. Xperiment – Man In The Bowler Hat
12. Cream Of Beats – Let’s Go!!
13. Abnormal – A Donut 4 The Beat Konducta
14. Max Miles – Hajuke
15. Mr.Bibal – Monotron
16. Jaisu – The Dream
17. Dibia$e – Alarmclock Pt.2
18. Geraet – My Dirty Hobby
19. Anatol Atonal – Harakiri
20. D!rty25 – My Epidaurus
21. Jimbo Matsumoto – $ä§$&)__%
22. Bugseed – Walkin’ Dead
23. Mortis One – Silhouettes

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