Nostalgia 77 – The Sleepwalking Society


Nostalgia 77’s long-awaited fourth studio album, ‘The Sleepwalking Society’, featuring the vocals of German singer Josa Peit. ‘The Sleepwalking Society’ comes almost four years after ‘Everything Under The Sun’ – the last Nostalgia 77 studio album proper – in which time Benedic Lamdin has been busy as producer, engineer, musician and more on projects involving Keith and Julie Tippett, Jeb Loy Nichols, Lizzy Parks, Larry Stabbins, Alice Russell, Sara Mitra, Fringe Magnetic, Golden Age of Steam and his own Octet. Nostalgia 77’s fervent fanbase has been clamouring for his return and can now rest assured that it has been worth the wait, as the spoils of those extra-curricular excursions inform a refreshed stylistic palette and intensity on the new LP.

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01. Sleepwalker
02. Beautiful Lie
03. Simmerdown
04. Golden Morning
05. When Love Is Strange
06. Blue Shadow
07. Mockingbird
08. Cheryr
09. Hush

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  1. David says:

    I appreciate the preview and will likely buy the LP, but if Benedic Lamdin asked you to remove previous Nostalgia 77 downloads, why try again?

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