Kan Sano – Fantastic Farewell


The debut album “Fantastic Farewell” from the Japanese Jazz Pianist Kan Sano, who graduated from Jazz composition major of Berklee college of music, whose band has been invited at Monterey Jazz Festival, and is now becoming the member of Hip Hop live group Mabanua Band and linking up to today’s Beats music.

for more info and buy check: www.kansano.web.infoseek.co.jp


01. New World
02. Dream In
03. Blank In The Sky
04. Bless
05. Wes
06. Morning
07. Ooops Hops feat. Repeat Pattern
08. In The Spiral Water
09. Worldwide Beauty
10. Sanctuary
11. Retro Polis
12. Music Overflow
13. Sketch Of Love
14. Awake
15. Wild Flowers
16. Brilliant Corners
17. Breath
18. Eternal Sunshine

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8 Responses to “Kan Sano – Fantastic Farewell”

  1. Mr_kapow says:

    May I just say, I found your website just now and I am loving it so much. You use mediafire which makes life so easy and less time consuming.

    Even though I haven’t met you, I love you for it!

    Thanks, I’ll be checking on this blog and recommending it!
    Keep it coming =)

    Mr Kapow

  2. frank says:

    Liking the sound of this, I shall be giving it my full attention this very evening!!

  3. untchble says:

    this is some good stuff, thanks!

  4. That is great! Many thanks….

  5. sheeit says:

    Link is gone, now. Sheeit. Anybody upload this again, pleez?

  6. koko says:

    hey the link is down, anybody mind uploading again ?

  7. sheeit says:

    Thanks to whoever reupped the links. You are a good dude.

  8. Neb says:

    mediafire link is dead, can you get it back on tracks please?
    Kan sano is increadible, his last album is very surprinsing in the style but awsome! thanks for the blog!

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