Blu – Her Favorite Colo(u)r


Initially available as a low-quality download from Blu’s myspace, HFC is finally mixed and mastered, With love-themed movie quotes drifting in and out and Blu’s heartbreak raps sitting atop his own mellow production, HFC is the most distinct and cohesive project Blu has released to date.

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01. Love
02. Amnesia
03. Since
04. Morning
05. Melo
06. Wind (Terlude One)
07. When (Terlude Two)
08. Silent
09. Pardon
10. Vanity
11. Beggars’ Black Gold
12. Cellin’ Ls
13. Untitled (Loved U)2
14. Peace

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2 Responses to “Blu – Her Favorite Colo(u)r”

  1. J VAN S says:

    Actually, No.

    “Below The Heavens” is (still) Blu’s most distinct (listenable) and cohesive project so far.

    I hope there’s more to come. He’s dope.

  2. Scary Legs Jonny says:

    sick.. thanks.

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