April Fool!

If you have tried to open the blog you saw this image today! well…today is April 1st! and to make it even more real i also posted this one on facebook and on twitter

a fake email! i think i got a lot of people! Sorry Everybody! :D

20 Responses to “April Fool!”

  1. nearly had a heart attack says:

    hahaha damn man you got me!! i was thinking nooooooooooooooo haha no one has the rad old jazz records n downtempo jazzy trip hop albums you guys have.

  2. hugo says:

    you got me, when i saw that image my heart stopped, you cant live us alone, keep hip-hop, jazz and soul alive !!!

  3. Merkaba says:

    Scared the shit outta me! Got me for SURE! lmao I was starting to think desperately!

  4. MArky says:

    Yeah, I gotta admit you actually had me. It looked really authentic. Good one!

  5. frank says:

    Fuck!!!! You got me hook, line and sinker!!!! I have been gutted all day!!!
    But I can see the funny -I even emailed you my support!!!

    Keep doing good things with Rappamelo yo!

  6. Tahlid says:

    That’s messed up I call like 10 people with the bad news!! Oh well happy to see it wasn’t true now I gotta go get my 1tb hard drive must download everything before fiction imitates reality!!!

  7. Gustavo says:

    wow you fucking got me! don’t do that shit again! phew!

  8. ontellio says:

    awwwww nice one dude

  9. luzark says:

    saw the “april fool” in the source code xD glad it was only a joke

  10. sexton says:

    this looked really legit, got me scared and sad!

  11. Thomas says:

    Nice one ! I created a twitter account especially to follow you today !


    And long life to Rappamelo.

  12. MOJO says:

    this has to be the ONLY April fool I’ve fallen for this year..though I must admit, I was close to tears when I thought you guys were gone for good

  13. Jazznfluence says:

    Touche sir. A cruel cruel joke indeed.

  14. DmackMasterice says:

    wasn’t funny bro.

  15. untchble says:

    Good one Francesco!

  16. bigkei says:

    damn got me…that feeling was not cool, glad everything is good. good one.

  17. Maxime says:

    yo peace from france

    you got me i was dissapointed when i see that

    for american hip hoppers, as i’m french, you can put old school real hh albums, like la rumeur, bustaflex, ntm, venom (vigilantes dj premier remix, un justicier dans la ville), square lohkoh, sred connexion, fabe, & so on

    peace yo

  18. n8yo says:

    this and one other apirl fools joke that my friend over dosed fooled me quite well
    u joksters!

  19. from Japan says:

    got me man. It aint funny though.

  20. max says:

    can someone would put back the that chair under my feet please???, now,?

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