All City Records LA Series

“LA Series” is a series of ten 10’s from L.A. based producers. Simple premise of 2 producers on each record every month starting from January 2010.

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ACLA10x10x1 – DIBIASE & P.U.D.G.E. – LA Series #1

Dublin’s All City crew return in force with with an immense split 10″ from LA’s Dibiase and P.U.D.G.E. housed in a B+ designed picture sleeve. Ahead of an equally heavyweight Fat City 12″, South LA’s Dibiase sprawls his sun-drunk boogie wonk all over the A-side, conjuring five short-but-sweet tracks loaded with film samples, neon electroid synthlines and beats that fall somewhere between Ras G and Dilla. On his side, P.U.D.G.E. adds a further six short cuts, building his beats in a wickedly sloppy-jallopy style lifted from Dilla and smudged with a dope smoker’s sense of hazy psychedelia. A fine draw for all the downbeat connoisseurs!


01. P.U.D.G.E. – Awn My Dawn
02. P.U.D.G.E. – Blips Ahoy Mate
03. P.U.D.G.E. – Intro
04. P.U.D.G.E. – Satta Marijuana
05. P.U.D.G.E. & Mr.Dibiase – Smoke It Over
06. Mr.Dibiase – Axel Bop
07. Mr.Dibiase – I Pity The Fool
08. Mr.Dibiase – Spacely Sprocketts
09. Mr.Dibiase – Thrilla Time Slime
10. Mr.Dibiase – WTF
11. P.U.D.G.E. – Afrilude
12. P.U.D.G.E. – Arab Incense

AACLA10x10x2- Take & Matthewdavid – LA Series #2

2nd 10 of the series comes from Take (Alpha Pup/Eat Concrete/Poobah) and matthewdavid (Dublab/Brainfeeder/Leaving Records) who combine to give us 7 tracks in all again packaged in a B+ sleeve. Take, born and bred in LA, has recorded for Poobah, Eat Concrete, Plug Research and is about to drop his full length on Alpha Pup this year.. With his three tracks, TAKE continues to push the boundaries of left filed experimental Beat music into new directions. The influence of vintage electronic records, 1980’s soul, and hard crunchy beats is apparent as they all get crushed and melted down into fine gold. On the other side Dublab’s matthewdavid gives us his unique brand of beat based warped psychedelia with 4 tracks blending seamlessly into one!


01. Take – Soul Particles
02. Take – I Miss My Brains
03. Take – Warm Ruin
04. Matthewdavid – Sunrise Luminescence
05. Matthewdavid – Late Nite Lo Fi For Dark
06. Matthewdavid – We Helped Pioneer This
07. Matthewdavid – Know You’re Not Alone

ACLA10x10x3 – Ras G & Samiyam – LA Series #3

3rd 10 of the series comes from Ras_G (Poobah/Brainfeeder) and Samiyam (Poobah/Hyperdub) who give us 3 tracks each. B+ comes correct on the sleeveart once again. Ras needs no introduction – a fixture on the underground hiphop scene in LA since the early 90s and a proud South Central LA resident. One of the founders of the Poo-Bah Label he comes with three bass heavy speaker smashers! On the other side we get three tracks from Samiyam with his signature synth sound, melancholy melodies and off-centre post-Dilla funk.


01. Ras G – Flight Delay
02. Ras G – Ourtrillianted
03. Ras G – Breakfast Blunts
04. Samiyam – Fishsticks
05. Samiyam – Brad
06. Samiyam – Space

ACLA10x10x4 – HouseShoes & Jordan Rockwell – LA Series #4

4th 10 of the series sees us take a trip to the West Coast via Detroit, Michigan. 2 expats from the Midwest Houseshoes and Jordan Rockswell (formerly Snowman) come with some heavy hip-hop based instrumentals. Houseshoes, known as the ambassador of Detroit hip hop, relocated to Los Angeles in 2006 and we don’t need to go over his credentials here – pressed the classic Jay Dee – Unreleased EP” back in 1996 plus the Phat Kat – Dedication To The Suckers 12” in 99, and as a producer has worked with some of Detroit’s elite emcees – from Dilla and Big Proof, to Elzhi (Slum Village), Guilty Simpson, Black Milk, Ty & Kory , Ta’Raach etc – to help contribute to the soundtrack of his city. He comes with 2 slammin tracks here – firstly a nod to his favourite cigarette brand with Newports and then a flip of the classic 60s groover on ‘The Look’. Over on the other side it’s the second run out on All City for Detroit native Jordan Rockswell. He released Street Corner Music with us as Snowman a few years back and he has 3 tracks here – ‘Winter Warfare’, ‘The Groove’ and a great flip of JB on ‘Mr Dynomite’. Usual B+ sleeveart once again – collect the set!


01. HouseShoes – Newports
02. HouseShoes – The Look
03. Jordan Rockswell – Mr.Dynomite
04. Jordan Rockswell – The Groove
05. Jordan Rockswell – Winter Warfare

ACLA10x10x5 – Carlos y Gaby GB (Gifted and Blessed) – LA Series #5

Reaching the halfway point in the series we take it down a notch to usher in the summer with Carlos Nino, Gaby Hernadez & GB. Carlos Nino is one of LA’s musical driving forces – organizer, producer, arranger, composer, radio dj – spanning the whole musical gamut from hip hop, modern classical to folk and ambient. He has worked with Dwight Trible, seminal jazz group Build an Ark, MC John Robinson (Lil Sic) and released records via Ninja, Kindred Spirits, Alpha Pup amongst others. The three tracks here are an expansive collaboration between himself and vocalist/keyboard player Gaby Hernandez. Three tracks forming as one, the pair describe it as a soundtrack to a sci-fi fantasy that existed in conversations and thoughts between them. Keeping it otherworldly on the flip side GB gives us Sketches of Crop Circles a breathtaking three part track spanning 9 minutes. Involved in the seminal LA/Long Beach Sound in Color label GB has worked with Steve Spacek, Daz I Kue, King Britt amongst others. His recent reinterpretations EP showed, like Nino, he’s a master of many styles and he is without doubt one of the LA underground’s best kept secrets. Super Sharp Snapper B+ comes correct on the cover of course!


01. Carlos y Gaby – Happy Summer Solstice
02. Carlos y Gaby – In The Whirl Emote
03. Carlos y Gaby – Sugar Flowers
04. GB (Gifted & Blessed) – Sketches Of Crop Circles

ACLA10x10x6 – Daedelus & Teebs – LA Series #6

For the sixth 10 of the series we have lined up one of LA’s old guard and one of the hardest working – Daedelus (Plug Research/Brainfeeder) alongside new comer Teebs (Brainfeeder/Poobah). A founding member of LA’s Dublab internet radio station and with a discography spanning over 10 years not to mention multiple genres, Daedelus’s rep as one of the godfathers of the current beat scene is well earned. His side here reads as one continuous stream of music in six parts. Seamlessly flowing the best it builds right to the last track – Vous Ites Stereo – a fantastic Stereolab flip. On the other side Teebs, who already designed the Knxwledge cover for us earlier this year, comes with 4 lush tracks. One of the privileged few who can post fix his name with the word ‘Brainfeeder’ expect to hear more from him in the future.


01. Daedelus – Fates Say
02. Daedelus – You’ve Heard
03. Daedelus – Old Hears
04. Daedelus – You’ve Know
05. Daedelus – Strange Days
06. Daedelus – Vous Ites Stereo
07. Teebs – Archipelago
08. Teebs – Flower Drum Song
09. Teebs – Anchor Steam
10. Teebs – Untitled 4

ACLA10x10x7 – Dam Funk Vs Computer Jay – LA Series #7

Number 7 in the series showcasing the sound of two thirds of the MasterBlaster group – Dam Funk & ComputerJay. The ubiquitious Dam Funk needs little introduction. He’s definitely played at a town near you on multiple occasions in the last few years and still has time for his weekly throwdown – Funkmosphere- in Culver City keeping his hood pass most definitely intact. He gives us two tracks here – the first a delicious groover ‘Night Stroll’ and the second a more frenetic workout – ‘3012 Luv Affair’. Flipping over Computer Jay kicks off in an almost ESG-esque vein with ‘Phantom’ following with two further tracks of heavy drums and an array of analog sounds. In keeping with much of the series Jay’s side blends as one packing in a whole heap to his ten minutes.


01. Dam Funk – Fates Say
02. Dam Funk – You’ve Heard
03. Computer Jay – Old Hearts
04. Computer Jay – You’ve Know
05. Computer Jay – Strange Days

ACLA10x10x8 – Mike Gao and Tokimonsta – LA Series #8

Last of the series for 2010 featuring Tokimonsta (Brainfeeder) and newcomer Mike Gao. Brainfeeder’s First Lady Tokimonsta has had a busy year with releases on Ramp plus a LP for Art Union and she ends 2010 on a strong note with three tracks from the dreamy textures of the opener “Alive” to the loud snap of “Park Walks”. Mixing live instruments, percussion, digital manipulation, and dusty vinyl she has been getting props from Mary Anne Hobbs, Gilles Peterson etc Flip over for experimental Gear Head Mike Gao, a music technology researcher with potentially game-changing iPhone/iPad apps and producer with multiple beat battle wins. A LA beat scene secret down with the Low End Theory since playing in the early days he comes with an impressive hip-hop and music technology resume he gives us 5 soulful tracks with a nod to his home on “California” and beat battles with “Hubris Produca”.


01. Mike Gao – California
02. Mike Gao – Babylon Child
03. Mike Gao – Don’t Tell Me
04. Mike Gao – Hubris Produca
05. Mike Gao – Loving Night
06. Tokimonsta – Alive
07. Tokimonsta – Last Nights Blurry Memories
08. Tokimonsta – Park Walks

ACLA10x10x9 – Coleman and Ta’Raach – LA Series #9

Up to the penultimate 10 of the series featuring LA photographer Coleman and Motor City native – producer/MC -Ta’Raach. One half of the music/art collective – Mochilla – Coleman has been photographing the city and beyond since he was 12 years old. The man behind the Madvillain cover photos, he has had tracks on Keep In Time & the seminal LA with Love comp but steps up here for his first release proper. 4 tracks in all including the first vocal of the series recorded with Eglo records Fatima on a recent Westside trip. Flipping over for Ta’raach’s side where his 6 tracks blend as one. Having previously released on Sound In Color and Poobah this is his first solo material in a couple of years and he sticks to the beats template here doffing his cap to Guru along the way!


01. Coleman – Earthquake
02. Coleman – Black Bush
03. Coleman – Travles (For My Mother)
04. Coleman – Write Thing feat. Fatim
05. Ta’Raach – A Minor Mishap
06. Ta’Raach – Lemonade (Guru Mix)
07. Ta’Raach – A BC Date
08. Ta’Raach – #4 Band Aid in B Minor – Curled
09. Ta’Raach – #4 Band Aid in B Minor – Turled
10. Ta’Raach – Xxplain In F Minor

ACLA10x10x10 – Exile and Free The Robots – LA Series #10

Number 10 of 10 comes from Exile (Plug Research) backed with Free the Robots (Alpha Pup). Exiles side is one track broken into four parts, continuing on from his Radio LP, with a myriad of vocal samples and an ever-changing beat this is a fittingly individualistic piece of music to the end the series with. Flipping over for Santa Ana producer Free the Robots who follows on from his recent “Ctrl Alt Delete” LP with three tracks here – the heavy organ vibes of “Young and Yet Too Old”, the MF Doom-esque sound of “Destroy” and ending the series, appropriately enough, with a shout to percussion on “To the Drum”!


01. Exile – Distopian Utopia
02. Exile – PCP Laced Beedies
03. Exile – Love for sell/Bots have feelings
04. Exile – Dawn Of The Nothing
05. Free The Robots – Young & Yet Too Old
06. Free The Robots – Destroy
07. Free The Robots – With The Drum

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