40 Winks – It’s The Trip


No hay banda! (“there is no band”, Mulholland Dr. 2001) pretty much sums up where 40 Winks aims to go with its instrumental hip hop: meticulously chop and paste samples together, to create an atmosphere of beats and vibes which steps beyond unimaginative loops. “Join 40 Winks on a road trip to anywhere. Bring your music player and tell your honey you won’t be home for dinner. It’s the trip, not the destination.“

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01. Entrée
02. Outside The Box
03. Tribal Recipe
04. The Day Breaks
05. The Journey (Interlude)
06. Sun Spots
07. Malicious Choir
08. Sales Over Soul (Interlude)
09. Subtle Piece
10. Kodak
11. Mood Adapter (Prelude)
12. Mood Adapter
13. Tinnitus
14. Winkz Waltz
15. Vocal Play (Interlude)
16. 40 Layers
17. Badwill
18. Not The Destination

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  1. gaz says:

    album is wonderful and superb. download it!

    thank you rappamelo. you made my evening :)

  2. frank says:

    Terrific! dOk you sure done it again!!!

  3. Monstar says:


  4. Monstar says:

    dope stuff.

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