Dolphyn Surround


Dolphy Surround is the first compilation with exclusive material by The first of many tributes to musicians that have offered great contributes to the music. The first one is dedicated to Eric Dolphy, surely one of the most eclectic and innovative artist in the world of jazz, so Dolphyn Surround is a tribute to his music re-arranged by many italian beatmakers which gave their imprint to Eric Dolphy’s music, enjoy!


02.JohnnyBoy & Manuele Atzeni – Dolphy surround
03.Kappah – Dolphy master
04.thegodfatherExperience & Alice – L’intruso
05.U.X.O. – Iron Head
06.Bain Mass – Dolphy blues
07.Balbio – Dolphyn
08.Grovekingsley – Blonde
09.But beautiful – interlude
10.Balbio & Robot Kaard Dolphy digital (Balbio edit)
11.Planet Soap – The second shoot
12.Knobbuttons – Gaz El Ones
13.Digi G’alessio – Fuits of the loop, improvisations and tukras
14.Smania Uagliuns – Eric’s Tranquillity

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