Buddy Sativa – Deus Ex Machina


Buddy Sativa, known for his skills as a beatmaker, has just dropped his first album as producer-composer of an exceptional jazz opus. After more than 10 years messing around with music, the self-taught musician orchestrated this solo project with the help of vintage sounds and modern techniques, blending African and even classical influences. The result gives the impression that a plethora of musicians has come to pay tribute to the jazz gods and take part in the mystical experience of this album.

for more info and buy check: www.favoriterec.com


01. Deus Ex Machina
02. The Pilgrim
03. Indica (Reel-Time Process) with Onra
04. Piece Of Nature
05. Marejeo Ya Bakari
06. Piece Of Art
07. Amphitecna Latifolia (Theme For A Black Calabash)
08. Goodbye Lullaby
09. Waltz for the Leaving Souls
10. Mystic Voyage
11. Una Peripecia

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5 Responses to “Buddy Sativa – Deus Ex Machina”

  1. j.Bickford says:

    Los Angeles -based artist Ivan Ives released an LP by the same name in the summer of 2006.

  2. dtrain says:

    IS this LIVE at the Show!!!

  3. fizAKA says:

    THANK YOU for this! I was looking for it for months!

  4. √Čtienne says:

    Really dope release, one of the greatest nu-jazz lp in recent years !

  5. Buddy Sativa says:

    @Dok: Ty for promoting my first album on your blog.
    I’m less grateful for the megaupload link though.
    Besides, i advise strongly whovever interested to buy it in vinyl.
    It’s the best support for this project imo cause it adds a lil crackling which is essential for getting the illusion of a more vintage sound.

    @fizaka:ty for your impatience, i appreciate
    @ Etienne, ty Etienne for these kind words

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