The Insane Warrior – We Are The Doorways


RJ’s Electrical Connections is pleased to bring you The Insane Warrior. In a way, this album could be considered a soundtrack to a movie that doesn’t exist (at the moment). A strictly instrumental affair, the album “We Are The Doorways” was loosely inspired by horror and sci-fi film scores of the wonderfully fruitful period of 1976-1984. Several things mark this record – for one, there is a departure from the concise nature of most modern pop-oriented records. Expansive, open passages – often with no rhythmic elements – recall the work of both Eno and John Carpenter. These give way to spastic outbursts of energy in places. At other times, the tension-meets-groove aesthetic of Dario Argento’s pet Goblin give birth to some surprisingly funky cuts as well.

While heavily leaning on big, expansive analog synth sounds, angular rhythms, and blissful ambient passages, the record still maintains the attention to groove that RJD2′s label is known for. At times jazzy, psychedelic, and introspective, the exploratory nature of the music shines through. The Insane Warrior’s ‘We Are The Doorways’ is yet another unique landmark in the growing catalog of RJ’s Electrical Connections.

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01. Thrust and Gain
02. The Water Wheel
03. Within The Maze
04. Then You Hear Footsteps
05. Black Nectar
06. Saint Ignatius Belsse
07. The Mountain
08. Trail Of Fire
09. Seldom Seen Smith
10. Sunshine

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  1. Mr.Craig says:

    Awesome work as usual. Thanks for bringing artists into my life that I may never have heard of otherwise. Cheers from Funky Frolic.

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