Quantic Presents The World’s Rarest Funk 45s Vol.1-2


Will Quantic is known around the world for his blistering stage performances with his band the Quantic Soul Orchestra. His ear for a good tune, and his feel for a good rhythm didn’t come from nowhere – you see Quantic has been collecting rare funk 45s for years, and in that time he has absorbed every drum kick, every horn line and every guitar lick into his very soul. It’s hard to make good music without drawing upon good influence, so along with Quantic, Jazzman have unearthed some of the very best and rarest funk 45s known (and unknown) to man. These records are pure quality, the exorbitant prices that collectors will pay for the originals lays testament to that, and will stand the test of time as a barometer of good ol’ funky music that is truly inspirational. It’s a shame that the original 45s are so rare, with only a few hundred being pressed in many cases, but it is possible that with such rarity comes excellence, distinction and quality. Many tracks were never before reissued and all songs are fully licensed and restored from original sources.


01. Larry Ellis – Funky Thing
02. Soul Lifters – Hot Funky & Sweaty
03. Shades of Black – Mystery of Black
04. Prepositions – Something Different
05. Vern Blair – Ooh Ahh Eee
06. Latin Breed – I Turn You On
07. Herman Hitson – Ain’t No Other Way
08. Brothers – Evil Ways
09. Soul Excitement – Together
10. Gene Anderson – The Loneliest One
11. Tony Bowens – Boiling Water
12. PC’s Ltd – Fast Man
13. Sandi & Matues – The World
14. The M&S Band – Egg Roll
15. James Polk – Just Plain Funk
16. Great Deltas – Tra La La

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There’s few folks we’d trust with our ears more than Will “Quantic” Holland – an artist we’ve come to love for his own funky music in recent years, and a collector who’s always driven to dig for the rarest bits possible! This time around, he’s allied with the Jazzman Records crew, in a sweet CD presentation of 16 rare tracks, some previously reissued on vinyl 45s by the label – now finally brought together in one amazing package that’s filled with vintage photos, original label scans, a “rarity guide”, and detailed notes on every single tune! Even if you’ve managed to score some of the Jazzman vinyl reissues, this overstuffed package is worth grabbing up as well – and like the first volume, the collaboration of Quantic and Jazzman means that the compilation’s about as funky as funky can be.


01. Reginald Milton & The Soul Jets – Clap Your Hands
02. Innersouls – Just Take Your Time
03. Jimmy Land & The Incredible 5 – Deal With It
04. Lil Buck & The Top Cats – Monkey In A Sack
05. The Devestation – Congestion
06. Abrham & The Metronomes – Party
07. Rev. Jamal & Bob Johnson – Walking On The Moon
08. Road Runners – No Names Will Be Called
09. The 2nd Amendment Band – Backtalk
10. The Afros Band – Right On Right Off
11. The Black On White Affair – Funky Manuel
12. Nathan Bartell – Top Going Down, Bottom Going Up
13. The Third Guitar – Baby Don’t Cry
14. The Universals – New Generation
15. The Fun Company – Zambezi
16. Weston Prim & Blacklash – Simmerin’

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