Long Arm – The Branches


“The Branches” album is a reflection of a world, where human feelings and natural powers are bound together. Everything is correlated in this world. There is no alive-dead distinction. The season change depends just on state of mind. Every move, every wind breath, every sound brings an information, opened for everyone who believes and ready to accept it, who hears and knows how to listen.

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01. Power Of Rain
02. The Waterfall Inside Me
03. Double Bass In Love
04. After 4AM
05. Perfect Morning
06. When Children Step
07. Key Door
08. The Roots
09. Dummy
10. The Braches feat. Teknical Development
11. Thank You
12. Bonus: The Branches (Instrumental Version)

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  1. Andrew says:

    Very interesting samples mixed with some great and inventive programming. If I had to classify it, I would call it Trip-Hop with a heavy leaning towards jazz instrumentation and atmospherics.

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