Kev Brown Instrumentals VoL 1


(((Classic Joints)))
*For The First Time* A collection of OFFICIALLY released(YOU SEE THE STICKER!!!) Kev Brown instrumentals. Perfect for DeeJays, the Rappity Rap open mic freestyle dudes(ets) and just plain listeners who enjoy fine music everywhere.

yep you could also download for free but show some love :)


01. 1% (out the mpc version)
02. Life (rmx instrumental)
03. Gentrification (out the mpc version)
04. Look (instrumental)
05. Sam Jackson On Piano (out the mpc version)
06. Another Private Conversation (instrumental)
07. Mulitply (instrumental)
08. Couldnt Hear Me Over The Music (rmx instrumental)
09. Hardcore Riverdance (out the mpc)
10. Whoever Programmed Us (rmx instrumental)
11. State of Emergency (instrumental)
12. Armada Latina (rmx instrumental)
13. Shotgun (instrumental)
14. Come Back (instrumental)

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