John Coltrane – Crescent


Like the legendary “A Love Supreme”, John Coltrane’s “Crescent” is one of the most revered albums of his career. The classic Coltrane quartet is in prime form as Tyner, Garrison and Jones form a tight bond with their leader in a stunning display of expression and musical interaction. Coltrane stretches and contorts his sound to construct solos of mesmerizing beauty as on the opening title track.

The brooding ballad “Wise One” is a free-form lilt that meanders its way through the haunting melody while Jones’ cymbals surge and swell in support. The classic blues of “Bessie’s Blues” and the exceptional “Lonnie’s Lament” provide examples of this group’s ability to express powerful moods on both ends of the emotional spectrum. The grand finale “The Drum Thing” reflects a Middle Eastern influence as Coltrane’s snaking melody floats above Jones’ churning solo that eventually erupts into an explosive torrent of sound.


01. Crescent
02. Wise One
03. Bessie’s Blues
04. Lonnie’s Lament
05. The Drum Thing

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