J Rawls “#OhioTakeOver The Mixtape”


Guess what y’all – I’m Back!!! I am here with a vengeance! You are going to get a lot of new J Rawls in the next few months! J Rawls and Count Bass D album, a new Lone Catalysts album, and a new Liquid Crystal Project called LCP 3!

The mixtape features new music from Fly.Union, Lefortheuncool, Copywrite and Stalley and much more. My goal is to let everyone know what is going on here in OHIO. I even went back in time and put some classic Ohio hip-hop on there. Enjoy and spread it around. Big Ups to James Hindley from the-Cave.co.uk for the artwork!

for more info check: www.jrawls82.wordpress.com


01. J Rawls Intro
02. Slapp – Stalley f. Rashad
03. Good to Go – Fly Union
04. Aint I – Dominique LaRue
05. What’s My Name – Illogic
06. J Rawls – I’m Me Intro
07. Trav Dave – I’m Me
08. 6S – Have you Ever
09. Hood Apostle – Grooveback
10. Speak Williams – The City
11. J Rawls – The City Outro
12. J Rawls – Capricorn Intro
13. Shoddy T – Capricorn
14. J Rawls – Ol’ School OHIO intro
15. Camu Tao – Hold the Floor
16. Spitball – Ya Times Up f. Copywrite
17. Neccassary (of SPIRIT) – I Swear
18. Basic Element – C’mon
19. The 3rd – Brazil
20. P. Blackk – Concorde Rollin’
21. P. Blackk – Izuaintorizuwitit
22. J Rawls & LE – Send Me (Special Bonus Song)
23. Copywrite – Mega Mega f. Camu Tao, Tage, Jakki and RJD2
24. Ilyas – I-EL Live from OHIO
25. J. Osceola – You Can’t Stop Me
26. Ill Poetic – Gone
27. J. Rawls – OhioTakeOver Outro
28. J Rawls – We’re On Top (#OhioTakeOver)

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  1. d says:

    Uhhh what the faa?? This does not sound like the J Rawls I know…. am i high or what??

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