J Dilla “Still Shining”


We are fortunate to have the musical gifts of J.Dilla remain with us to listen to forever. He will live-on through his music, and his legacy will be upheld by his many supporters. After 5 years, there aren’t too many Dilla related photos or videos clips of our beloved J.Dilla that we haven’t grown familiar with… fortunately some periodically surface. This video is a mark of one of those refreshing times. When James “J.Dilla” Yancey passed away on February 10, 2006, this remembrance piece “J.Dilla: Still Shining” got underway on the day of his funeral when friends and family shared their thoughts on camera (you’ll notice the dark clothing). This project takes us to February 2006… in the very moments when we were all still coming to terms with this heavy loss. In the weeks that followed, other interviews with his associates, artwork submissions in Dilla’s likeness from his fans, photographs from friends, and some unreleased video material helped support the piece to completion.

This piece was designed to be an uplifting and fun project that was created from a pure place to reinforce J.Dilla’s legacy, not as an official documentary. This stands as a tribute for the true J.Dilla fans that knew of him well at the time he passed away… and those who continue to seek material about him to rejuvenate their support. This “J.Dilla: Still Shining” remembrance piece is designed as a fun way for each of us to gain greater insight, and a richer appreciation of this musical icon. J.Dilla continues to shine.

— Brian ‘B. Kyle’ Atkins

i also uploaded the video, so if you want to save it to your pc > link removed

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  1. frank says:

    This is excellent, a great insight to the great producer and artist Jay Dee.
    I personally first heard Of Jay Dee through the beats on the Pharcydes album ‘Labcabincalifornia’ back in 95…., Runnin’ and Drop got me hooked that day forward…
    And then continually always checking for every Jay Dee Ummah joint from that day forward. And his ability on the mic was also an added bonus too, overlooked on so many occasions but who can forget his delivery on mic on SV’s Fantastic Vol. 1+2…, Jaylib etc…… RIP Jay Dee…

  2. Godschild says:

    Thank you Rappamelo.

    You are hands down the greatest music blogger of all time.

    This docu. brought tears to my eyes and I’m so grateful that he went home to be with his “Lord and Saviour.” I know I’ll get to meet the greatest producer when this life is over.

    He is the genius behind the soundtracks of my childhood and I’ll never forget the influence his music has had on my life.

    Peace, Dilla lives

  3. Banakin says:

    What’s the name of the first song when the video starts please ?!!!!

  4. Rezaah says:

    #1 PRODUCER! #1 DJ ! ONE LOVE J DILLA!!!!!!!

  5. Henry says:

    Great piece of work! J-Dilla was the greatest and the reason he influence me because I started to appreciate the legacy and work he done thru the years. They’ll never be another one like him ever!

    Thanks again Rappamelo!

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