Dibiase – Sound Palace


Sound Palace contains tracks from Redbull Big Tune battles and some older stuff. To purchase the album you need to email directly him to info@mrdibiase.com and pay $10 (free shipping within US), and i think also you can make a deal for Europe or anywhere else.


01. Smooth Sailin
02. Rockout
03. Strangeland
04. Genie In The Sky
05. DB Grover (ft. Dak)
06. Gospel Slap
07. Cosignin
08. Woman
09. Changeups
10. Suncity
11. Stars Out
12. Linving My Life
13. Dont Be Late
14. Fly Me 2 The Moon

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5 Responses to “Dibiase – Sound Palace”

  1. P.G. says:

    Ok, who is biting off of who??? You and Strictlybeats have had the same posts for the last 3 days!! What’s up???

  2. dOk says:

    mmm should i answer? not me and also same for the guys behind stricklybeats, it’s just music out in these days.

  3. Espiv says:

    nowadays music/video/photos turn public domain quick and spread quicker then food in an antpile sadly…This has its pros and cons.

    But I assure you striclty beats isn’t ‘copying” they are just sharing what is received via email (I’ve helped run it since 2004′ – we also take things down with artists permission, and also put it up after quality controlling the records).

    peep http://www.GorillaMic.com if you want some dope music too haha, may aswell plug my shit while im in this box.

  4. Leif says:

    this blog is fucking amazing. thanks for spreading the love

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