Charlie Parker & Dizzy Gillespie – Bird And Diz


This date from June 6, 1950, was an unusual one for Charlie Parker. He chose to play with fellow bop creators Dizzy Gillespie and Thelonious Monk, in a striking reunion with the trumpeter and the only occasion on which Parker recorded with the pianist. Though the three may have felt encumbered by the presence of swing drummer Buddy Rich, they’re in brilliant form, with Parker and Gillespie spurring one another to heights that range from the warm to the electric. Bird’s ideas flow with characteristic ease and swing while Gillespie sparks and flares. It’s unlikely that anyone else but Gillespie could match Parker on the dazzling interplay of “Leap Frog,” a performance supplemented by several alternate takes. Monk’s characteristically skewed solos are a rare delight in what is otherwise an orthodox bop setting. The tunes are all Parker’s except for “My Melancholy Baby,” which inspires witty play.


01. Bloomdido
02. My Melancholy Baby
03. Relaxin’ With Lee
04. Leap Frog
05. An Oscar For Treadwell
06. Mohawk
07. My Melancholy Baby (Complete Take)
08. Relaxin’ With Lee (Complete Take)
09. Leap Frog (Complete Take)
10. Leap Frog (Complete Take)
11. Leap Frog (Complete Take)
12. An Oscar For Treadwell (Complete Take)
13. Mohawk (Complete Take)
14. Relaxin’ With Lee (Breakdown Take)
15. Relaxin’ With Lee (Breakdown Take)
16. Relaxin’ With Lee (False Start)
17. Relaxin’ With Lee (Breakdown Take)
18. Leap Frog (Breakdown Take)
19. Leap Frog (Breakdown Take)
20. Leap Frog (Breakdown Take)
21. Leap Frog (Breakdown Take)
22. Leap Frog (Breakdown Take)
23. Leap Frog (Breakdown Take)
24. Leap Frog (Breakdown Take)

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