Build An Ark – Love Part 1+2

Celebrated for their collective creativity and ensemble improvisation, Build An Ark find themselves in that magical place where John & Alice Coltrane, Crosby, Stills, Nash, & Young, and Joni Mitchell are one in a cosmic soul music that is both topical and metaphysical. From this mystical place, Build An Ark share a message of love for all life in the universe.

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Love Part 1

Loving executed third album by Build An Ark. Sounding like classic 70′s folk jazz! Well recommended! This record is their meditation on love – its varying forms and moods, its ecstatic and soothing powers. Build An Ark, under the production of Carlos Niño, have made an album which flows with a real range of volume and density, with arrangements and configurations contrasting against each other. The group has still kept their organic sound while adding several more layers, and charting a distinct progression from their previous two albums.


01. Love
02. This Prayer For The Whole World
03. How Do We End All This Madness
04. Celebrate
05. Sweet Thing
06. Fun’s Theme
07. Sunflowers In My Garden
08. Love Is Everywhere
09. In The Park
10. World Music
11. Word Peace Now
12. May It Be So
13. More Love

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Love Part 2

Carlos Nino and Build An Ark return with the companion piece to last years LP Love. Mostly taken from the same sessions, Love (part 2) shares the same pallette of sounds, but with a looser lean, exploring more improvised passages and off-road episodes.


01. Cosmic Tuning
02. Nature
03. Ginger
04. Say Yes!
05. Improvisation Day 1
06. Improvisation Day 8
07. Cadence Of The Love Messengers
08. What The World Needs Now Is Love
09. Improvisation Day 10
10. Improvisation Day 2
11. Tryin’ Times


4 Responses to “Build An Ark – Love Part 1+2”

  1. Merkaba says:

    Thank you very much. This is awesome, especially pt II!

  2. IAppreciate says:

    Really very nice. Thank You for the recommendation. Effortlessly sophisticated blend of smoky jazz, bright sunday meeting and insightful transcendent hints of ghazal.

    peace to you

  3. Tim says:

    ¿ link for part 1 has disappeared ?

  4. Tim says:

    okay, I eventually found it with rapidlibrary
    (on mediafire, file code ?6wy1di9797r3825)

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