Blu – Amnesia EP


Los Angeles MC/producer Blu has earned widespread acclaim for his collaborations with Exile, Ta’Raach, and Mainframe, and is currently at work on his major label debut for Warner Brothers. The 7-track Amnesia EP is sure to please Blu’s burgeoning fanbase.  On tracks like the Her Favorite Colo(u)r standout “Amnesia” and the never-before-released “Amnesia(Rewind)”, the SoCal native explores the complexities of love and relationships while his own understated production sets the mood.  The collection also features previously-unavailable instrumentals. Limited vinyl 10″ version hits stores shortly after, on March 1st.  A full release of Her Favorite Colo(u)r is set for this spring.

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01. Amnesia (Original)
02. Amnesia (Instrumental)
03. Amnesia (Remind)
04. Amnesia (RewindInstrumental)
05. Since (Original)
06. Since (Original)
07. GoodMorning

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