Al Quetz aka Quetzal – Drums Come Africa


Immersed in Latin and Afro-American music since childhood, he became active in 1995 influenced by the New York hip hop scene of the early 1990s. Following the 2006 release of Tribute, a soul-inspired duet produced with Onra, he returned in 2009 with the Jamaican and Latin flavored Vision, his first solo record.

Now, on Drums Come From Africa, he turns to the true birthplace of rhythm , back to the source of the beat, where percussion leads to trance and allows listeners access to the true essence of things. A militant record , a voodoo ceremony bringing political reflection, the “Drums” as therapy to oppression.

Mixed in collaboration with Guts, and featuring Dela and Kankick, Drums Come From Africa travel from Nigeria to Ghana, overlapping the way of the earth with each driving percussive impact.

the tracks are 128kbps quality so you can buy the album on bandcamp: HERE or clicking on the widget below. (you can also buy the LP via bandcamp, just 500 copies available so hurry up!)


01. Beat Communication (Intro)
02. Drums Come From Africa
03. Stolen Land (The IMF vs Africa)
04. Turn Of The TV (Higher Life)
05. NigerOil (Delta’s Rebel)
06. Kalakuta (Interlude)
07. Herb From The Kingdom Of Saba
08. Me Against Myself (Constant Work)
09. Afro Supa Soul Tune (Kofi pt 3)
10. Somalian Pirats
11. Cops Oppression And Capitalist Propaganda
12. Yassa At The Fifth Floor
13. Tuff And Smooth
14. Ken Sara Wiwa (Ogoni Spirit) (co produced by Dela)
15. Trees, Birds And Rivers (Interlude)
16. Sunsplash Theme
17. Lumumba & Sankara
18. Quetz In Afrodisia: Lo Fi Tribulations (Scratches by Old Jay)
19. Yes He Can… Lie
20. Growing Plants (Life In Progress)
21. From Yoruba To Santeria (Lagos – La Habana)
22. Still In The Search Of The Muzik (Outro)

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  1. Merkaba says:

    Awesome! Thank you very much. Believe I heard some Fela samples in there as well.

  2. nish says:

    amazing, love hearing these refreshing projects. soul and good vibes defined.

  3. Johnny says:

    Can Someone put an RS link in the Comments box, DL in School, but mirrorcretor is blocked.

    Appreciate Thanks

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