Sun Ra and the Arkestra – Sound of Joy


This reissue, prior to the release of many of Sun Ra’s Saturn albums on Evidence CDs, was often thought of as Ra’s second recording although now several earlier dates have appeared. The music from Sun Ra’s Chicago-based band of the 1950s (some of the same tunes, but different performances, also appear on Evidence’s Planet Earth/Low Ways) is quite interesting for its ties to the bop and swing traditions are much more obvious than it would be in the near future. Ra’s eccentric piano and occasional electric keyboard look forward as do some of the harmonies and Jim Herndon’s colorful tympani. Two previously unissued cuts (other versions of which have also surfaced on an Evidence set) augment the original LP program.


01. El Is A Sound Of You
02. Overtones Of A China
03. Two Tones
04. Paradise
05. Planet Earth
06. Ankh
07. Saturn
08. Reflections In Blue
09. El Viktor
10. As You Once Were
11. Dreams Come True

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