Mochilla – B+ – Sertao Madrugada


Sleeve note: “Of all nations, none has people that loves and falls in love more than mine. We are surrounded by exaggeration, happiness, spontaneity and creation. The expression of hope on our faces is the trademark even of those who have never received even the tiniest advantage of society. We devotedly believe in the new world and in the beautiful humanity we know we will construct, without the muzzle that can take our freedoms away orthe whips that try to frighten us, without ignorance that would lead us to the stupor of an empty cocoon” – Socrates Brasileiro


17 unnamed tracks

link removed

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  1. LuxB says:


    I’ve just stumbled across this crazy mix… Wow, I slept on it and now it’s sold out.

    Anyway, the second part of the 7th track just drives me crazy (it begins at 1:50). I tried to find infos on it but it’s pretty difficult…

    If someone knows the title and/or the artists, please, share your knowledge…

    Lux B

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