J Dilla’s Donuts as Performed by Stray Phrases


The crowd at The Local 269, a shabby New York City bar on 269 Houston Street, could not have been less interested. The bartender scribbled on his notebook, two older men talked to a woman half their age, and a gaggle of NYU students crowded a booth by the stage. Midterms were distant enough that they could drink on a Sunday. When an ear-splitting free jazz session finally died down, three NYU students put down their drinks took the stage.

Stray Phrases is a jazz trio consisting of Storm Siegel on drums, Dave Mainella on piano, and Evan Crane on bass. On Sunday October 17, 2010, they covered J Dilla’s classic instrumental album Donuts from beginning to end. Metal Lungies is proud to bring you a recording of the whole set.

There are so many tributes to Dilla but this is really good, the bad it is that the quality of recording is not so good, anyway i suggest to listen ;)

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12 Responses to “J Dilla’s Donuts as Performed by Stray Phrases”

  1. MArky says:

    This is really impressive. I wish there were more jazz oriented tributes to dilla.

  2. frank says:

    Very good indeed, a studio version would be even better…., so quick from donut to donut!!!

    Dilla would be proud…

  3. Choada777 says:

    Hot. Thank you.

  4. DjMastadon says:

    Impressive. Def one of my top J Dilla tributes ever. They should find those guys and release a studio version because I would definitely cop that on vinyl at least.

  5. onthe1 says:

    this is good stuff but if you’re talking studio albums Robert Glasper needs to get in the studio and record a Dilla album, that would be heavy.

  6. Don says:

    great tribute. thy for sharing and posting this. amazingly good!

  7. Freeman says:

    Great tribute, it was awesome to hear it in this setting. The audio quality is a bit low, but nothing stops the soulful sonic sounds for prevailing. I would definitely purchase this, great juxtaposition to the original.

  8. michael says:

    Great trbute, most respectless audience ever.

    Thanks for sharing!

  9. elcinco says:

    Well done!! Thanks!!

  10. Moose says:

    The guys are performing Donuts again next week. If you’re in New York, come check it out!


  11. Jaime says:

    Listening to this right now! This is hot!!! I would definitely love to see them perform live! I think they should come to DC right away!

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