Irhu.GSQ.Bonbooze – Awake Beats vol.1


Awake Beats Vol. 1 is the blend project of 3 Italian beatmakers, Ihru, Boonbooze and GSQ. An album of 17 Instrumental tracks, which freely sweep from classical hip hop rhyhthms, to minimal beats, tribal or simply evocative sonorities, prismatic and mannered moods, sometimes gaining arrangements by synth microkorg, shaker, clap and live chorus. Designed to awake hide sounds of every LP by the analogical skill of sampling. Mixed and mastered by Gio Lama at Zona Brada Studio (Pe). Design and art direction by Valentina Sky.


01. Wake Up (prod. Irhu)
02. Lemurian Monkeys (prod. GSQ)
03. Big Bang (prod. Bonbooze)
04. Drivin’ 500 (prod. Irhu)
05. Into The Sunrise (prod. Bonbooze)
06. Tesla (prod. GSQ
07. Palascìa (prod. Irhu)
08. Intense forwarder (prod. Bonbooze)
09. Manifesto (prod. GSQ)
10. Oh my goddess (prod. Irhu)
11. Anointing of the sick (prod. Bonbooze)
12. High concentration (prod. GSQ)
13. Bauxite (prod. Irhu)
14. Crossin heart (prod. Bonbooze)
15. Stop complain (prod. Irhu)
16. Walkin on the moon (prod. GSQ)
17. Outrantide (prod. GSQ)

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