Elaquent “Oldies”


over elaquent’s vast, illustrious career he has consistently blessed us with tape after tape after tape of pure genius. this here is a collection of some of his ‘finer work’, tracks that most of y’all are probably tired of but some of you will shit your pants over. if it was up to eq everything he ever released would be free but we have kids to feed. the point is, for the kids who dunno who this canadian even is, peep game and refer back to his catalogue, and you’ll hear the real gems.

As a free goodie, we have attached the first single off Elaquent’s HW&W debut release.

The Midnight After
coming soon.


01. Velocity
02. The Love
03. Bedroom Eyes
04. Chasing Amy
05. Graffiti High
06. Stars Aligned
07. One For Blue
08. Sleep Walking
09. Too Good
10. Qing Dynasty
11. Journey To Marseille
12. Daylight Savings
13. Neon Glow
14. Flyy
15. Dutch Canadian*** (New Track)

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