Prefuse 73/Jaytram/Epstein – Remixed


This remix record wanders through the minds of Jaytram (drummer for Yeasayer) and Prefuse 73. They were both asked to plunder and ravage the entire Epstein catalog as the source material and pass it through their respective creative processes. These two creators are less worried about a notion of sanctity of the original and instead are visionaries with the material, engineering something previously unimaginable. There are about 1 million adjectives needed to try to cartograph a tangible roadmap to where this record leads, but we would rather you just take your own journey.

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01. haunted hotel beat – Jaytram
02. learning dream – Jaytram
03. Joy me – Jaytram
04. you know they out – Jaytram
05. sleep watching clouds – Jaytram
06. passing threw – Jaytram
07. Moda de hormigón – Prefuse 73
08. Enfermo abrazos – Prefuse 73
09. Un montón de flotando – Prefuse 73
10. Temporal tempo – Prefuse 73
11. Mar del Enfermo abrazos – Prefuse 73
12. Cuando nos escondemos – Prefuse 73
13. Seite campanas de la Serenidad – Prefuse 73

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