Piero Umiliani – Musica Elettronica Vol.1-2

Piero Umiliani is a chameleon! He is extremely talented composer and arranger of such versatility, that it is often difficult to recognise, that the same person is behind this superb selection of musical gems in this selection. Mutating through various styles, from Techno to free-form Jazz and beyond, this collection highlights his electronic work from 1969-79 utilising synthesizers and modern recording techniques. The result of his experimentation are so ambitiously imaginative, that they have far outstripped their date of origin and still apear futuristic over 20 years later!

little preview:

Musica Elettronica Vol.1


01. Rapsodia Stellare
02. Momento Ritmico
03. Motore a Loni
04. Elzeviro
05. Fatto Di Cronaca
06. Centrali Termiche
07. Gadget
08. Officina Stellare
09. A New Experience
10. Delenda Cartago
11. Cibernetica
12. Caravan
13. Arabian Synthetizer
14. Vierno/Funiculi Funiculà
15. O’Pazzariello

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Musica Elettronica Vol.2


01. La Volta Stellare
02. Approdo Lunare
03. Azione Sindacale
04. Correnti Aeree
05. Dolomiti
06. Produzione
07. Musici
08. Eliogabalus
09. Attività
10. Scoop
11. Soundmaker Blues
12. Synthetic Water
13. Synthy Bossa Nova
14. Il Santone Dell’Isola
15. Nostalgia
16. Synthy Time
17. Calcolatori Elettronici

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  1. Taggerty says:

    brilliant, cheers

  2. Mafu says:

    incredible. thanks for sharing i would probably have never hear this in my whole life.

  3. Hessishop.it è un ottimo negozio a mio giudizio, io ho acquistato una console dj di quasi 1000 euro e non ho nulla di cui lamentarmi. La mia recensione è positiva

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