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‘As I’m getting ready to record my upcoming album ‘One’ I first want to share my first installment of Open Loops. ‘Open Loop’ is a term coined by David Allen “An Open Loop is anything pulling at your attention that doesn’t belong where it is, the way it is.” It’s a thought that won’t leave you till you deal with it. My thoughts, of course, become tracks. I’m releasing one ‘Open Loop’ every week for fourteen weeks on You can download them for free and leave a comment to tell me what you think. I’ve put a lot of love into this project, so please feel free to share these tracks.Every monday you can download a free Open Loop on petephilly.coms.

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He released the last track yesterday so these are the 14 tracks all in one, enjoy!


01. Encore Une Fois
02. Free
03. Changing
04. Non A Dem feat. Ziggi Recado
05. Remember You feat. Roos Jonker
06. Movin’ On
07. US feat. Collective Efforts
08. Mirror
09. R Hood
10. Truth Be Told
11. Girls Wonderful feat. Rockattack Ten
12. Honesty
13. Movin’ On with Bejamin Herman Quartet
14. Changing (SirOJ RMX)

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5 Responses to “Pete Philly – Open Loops”

  1. loom says:

    great work , pete philly is a great musican

  2. blig says:

    He kind of reminds me of The Roots.

  3. Antonio says:

    Que Asco!!!

  4. Good job, Pete Philly is the man!

  5. Emma Ack says:

    NO, PETE PHILLY is my life. Honestly, was watching vans skate tour video about a year ago, and heard the background to empire, and was like sweet was is this song? checked it out so it was a band from amsterdam/cuba pete philly and perquiste, so i buy their second album empire, and im like shittttttttttt this is the best genre thing ive ever heard in my life, its like old school hip hop with jazz but rhythmic funk and amazing lyrics that mean so much to him, so witty and i find english isnt even his first language, they both incredible. So then i now know every song off empire off by heart, then i find mindstate buy that, and kill that out. And i heard they broke up and nearly cried my eyes out didnt even get to see them tour. im in love with them both man, and ive been trying to look for pete phills new material like i knew he was starting on my own, heard him with beat doctor and some random dutch rap artists but its not the same unless its him producing. So then i go on his website and find that his fucking album is free to download! downloaded that shit and love every song. he’s the best thing in the world, and i love that hes not widely known coz it wud ruin him and the beauty of him although he does deserve a lot more credit than he gets, but then again im from manchester, england so he might get tons of fame in amsterdam and europe and that, i wish he’d freaking just come over to the uk and do a show, because id be there at the front. i know and love every song, he feels it from the heart, that old school hip hop beat that cant be faked. he has got something truly real and truly creative. pete philly makes my life better, even went sat dying doing biology a level revision absolute legenddddddddd

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