Luis Bacalov – Rebus


An excellent mod soundtrack to this wild film from 1968, starring Ann Margret and Laurence Harvey, and featuring music by the Italian composer Luis Bacalov! Bacalov’s work these days is pretty sedate – but back in the 60s, he could really come up with a groovy batch of tracks when he wanted to, and on this one, he definitely wanted to! The tracks have great mod drums, electric bass, and plenty of organ – plus occasional subtler instrumentation – and the album also features Ann Margaret singing the song “Take a Chance”, a driving dancing number that ranks with her best soundtrack performances from the 60s! Other tracks include “Rebus”, “Suddenly The Rain”, and many different “Rebus” sequences.


01. Take a Chance (Instrumental Main Titles)
02. Rebus (Seq.1)
03. Rebus (Seq.2)
04. Rebus (Seq.3)
05. Rebus (Seq.4)
06. Rebus (Seq.5)
07. Rebus (Seq.6)
08. Take A Chance (Vocals by Ann-Margret)
09. Suddenly The Rain (Vocals by Ann-Margret)
10. Rebus (seq. 7)
11. Rebus (seq. 8)
12. Rebus (seq. 9)
13. Rebus (seq. 10)
14. Rebus (seq. 11)
15. Take A Chance (End Titles)

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