Lafayette Afro Rock Band – Soul Makossa


Recorded in Paris and New York under the production guidance of Pierre Jaubert (“Berjot”), the Lafayette Afro-Rock Band were a jazz-based super session group that created a heavy, dense, no compromise ghetto funk that has since been sampled by everyone from Public Enemy to Wreckz ‘N’ Effect.

Soul Makossa was the debut release of the Lafayette Afro-Rock Band. At the time the band’s popularity was primarily contained within Europe, but the album is now considered a raw funk gem by collectors everywhere. Everyone was quick to recognize such an abundance of talent in one group. Such classics as “Hihache and “Voodounon” have secured the band’s place in funk history.

At this point, we could go on and on, but for those who already know the band, you will be fully aware of what we mean. For those who are listening for the first time, the Lafayette Afro-Rock Band’s bandwagon is becoming larger and is ready to take people on their heaviest musical trip.


01. Soul Makossa
02. Azeta
03. M.F. Grayson
04. Oglenon
05. Hihache
06. Voodounon
07. Right Foot
08. Nicky ‘First One’

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  1. Henri says:


  2. Georgoussite ,I LOVE it. The Classic song CONGOS is the FUN JAM that also secured the bands new foundation in funk history. The groups talent is more than known about at this point . the music goes back into the sixties 60 “s Lafayette played bass guitar with the capries, the Bellverdeers as an added atraction to the 4 Tops ,opening the entire show for the Tops when SUGAR,PIE,HONEY BUNCH was recently released,AND Met Michel and became good when he was a little child finding out later michel could also dance like JAMES BROWN who had preveously thrown a big show at the APOLLO in Harrlem N.Y. where the CAPRIES WON second Place. Then hooking up with the now famous PATTY LEBELL & the Blue bells w/ music by THE SOUL CONGRESS featuring BOBBY BOYD whom JAMES BROWN called BYRD. BOBBY can plsy every note on SAX that JONH COLETRAIN created in HIS wholre tonal theory also the talent and goes on . A Famous genous of music name Sir Duke Ellington and his son and Lafayette toasted together IN THE HEART OF St. Thropay(actualy spelled differently) While Proforming at club Poppagayos with the SOUL CONGRESS featuring Bobby Boyd. to simply name a very few . the list of MEGASTARS (and I Mean that from my heart )goes on and on.

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