Incise – Familiar Voices


Familiar Voices is an emotional rollercoaster of organically infused beats, driven by a balanced combination of analog and electronic elements. This instrumental album is based on 2 of incise’s Japanese hip hop album releases entitled: Nobody’s Story (2008) & Daily Methods (2010). It features a smooth jazzy combination of soulful beats from both albums and contains a few unreleased tracks.

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01. a new beginning
02. the wait
03. 2 moons
04. garden
05. brisk
06. time
07. still rising
08. drift away
09. your soul
10. magic
11. changes
12. phased
13. a new day
14. kick it back
15. hope
16. first fall
17. winter winds
18. rewind
19. textures
20. through you

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  1. marco says:

    just a fyi – the link downloads but breaks at the end . good music though

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