Erik L – On Display (Mixed By Devastate)


Apart from on Supersci/Flyphonic‘s productions, you might have heard Erik L’s (Erik Lidén) melodic music played by tastemaking radio DJ’s like Gilles Peterson and Benji B, both from BBC Radio. Erik L has worked with artists such as Frank n Dank, Kissey Asplund, Dynamite MC and Hezekiah to name a few, creating a buzz in the underground scene and on sites like 2dopeboyz and Okayplayer etc. His song Soul Symphony was ranked as one of the best beats of 2009 by Benji B of BBC Radio, who has been playing Erik’s stuff frequently in his shows.

On Display is mixed by DJ Devastate, a talented Swedish DJ that released his debut album on the legendary English label BBE Records. This mix features a selection of hip hop and soul productions made by Erik L in the past few years along with some new and previously unreleased material. Lately he has been focusing on getting a new album ready with his group Favorite Flava that also consists of Stray (Mattias Axelsson) and Paul Mac Innes. Favorite Flava released their critically acclaimed debut album ”Different Phase” in 2009 on Ubeat Records. The music is a perfect blend of soul, RnB, pop and jazz with an approach to melodies that is unusual in the music busines these days.


01. Electric Dreamland Intro
02. Push It Up (Feat. Frank n Dank)
03. The Future Is Already Here (Feat. Supersci)
04. So Cruel (Feat. Favorite Flava)
05. Doh Ray Me (Feat. Dynamite MC)
06. Heaven (Feat. Favorite Flava)
07. Want U To Need Me (Feat. Favorite Flava)
08. Never Fall In Love (Feat. Cerebral Vortex & Stray)
09. Go Harder (Feat. Frank n Dank)
10. Pretty Lies Remix (Feat. Ernesto)
11. Big (Feat. Frank n Dank & Serious)
12. Nothing Under My Breath (Feat. Numb)
13. Clappintheyhands (Feat. Detroit CYDI & Stryfe)
14. Hey Cat (Feat. Cerebral Vortex & Kissey Asplund)
15. Angels
16. Somone To Hang On To (Feat. Hanna)
17. Allright Ok Remix (Feat. Stray & Hanna)
18. Higher (Feat. Frank n Dank & Illa J)
19. Make Her Dance (Feat. 7even Thirty)
20. Future Flow (Feat. Hezekiah & 7even Thirty)
21. The Truth (Love Of Music)
22. Musical Addiction
23. So What Now (Feat. Dynamite MC)
24. Soul Symphony Outro

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    ? ? ? – Thanks for this one (and ALL of ‘em) – The link isn’t working for me, though… I keep getting a spinning wheel and a GetANewsletter site… ???

    Either way… you and your site are a big favorite… Incredible taste(s) Thanks again and some more, Cat.

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    Nope. Working. My bad… much appreciated.

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