DJ Ragz, Mudd, ST/Mic – The Intermission Vol​.​2


Mudd, Ragz and stmic met up on Dec 3rd through the 5th 2010 at the Timeless Daimyo Studios to put together an LP. The Session started late on Friday and ended early on Sunday. Mudd using a Ensoniq ASR10, Ragz and stmic both using the Akai MPC 2000XL worked on little sleep to produce 13 tracks. The concept of the project was to put together an LP without over thinking the whole production process. The idea was to just sit down and have fun. The three producers who are also very close friends for many years wanted you to have the product for free. Enjoy and please pass this on to your friends.


01. Stmic – Gorilla Fist In The Air
02. Mudd – Don’t (Keep Waiting)
03. Mudd – Ssshhh!
04. Ragz – On The Edge
05. Mudd – Tell Me
06. Stmic – Mission Airy
07. Ragz – People Watching
08. Mudd – Radio
09. Ragz – Around 11
10. Ragz – Can’t Relate
11. Stmic – Success
12. Stmic – Winter Drive
13. Mudd – Till Next Time

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5 Responses to “DJ Ragz, Mudd, ST/Mic – The Intermission Vol​.​2”

  1. dj ragz says:

    thank fam for posting this for me!

  2. bhm says:

    Much thanks for this!!!

  3. R' says:

    Nice work dOk, and wow! i like one of Ragz sound lol

    I like 4 – On The Edge…dope line at 00:20…i will download the track soon.

  4. djragz says:

    Thanks for the love fam! hahah thanks R…………. Im glad people on this blog are giving it a listen! This site has alot of viewers!!!!

  5. D says:

    Nice stuff! Thx 4 this! Another thx to this blog. Awesome work!

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