Cosmopolyphonic Compilation


Cosmopolyphonic Radio are releasing their first compilation, sporting music from some of the most underhyped beatmakers around the planet. For more info and buy check:


01. RLP – Six feat. Kez YM
02. Devonwho – tradewinds
04. Fujimoto Tetsuro – Avoyager
05. diyTokion – Fonknoir
06. mfp – digital love feat. Sarah Linhares
07. The Astronotes – Moonrise
08. fitz ambro$e – Grila Swing
09. SUPER SMOKY SOUL – Hidden Stage
10. Onra – Roger’s Waltz
11. Pepin – Mercury
12. Monkey_sequence.19 – Plummer jolly_
13. sauce81 – spaceshi*!
15. Pursuit Grooves – Do What You Feel
16. Kay Suzuki – Move On feat.Duchy (Cosmopolymix)
17. Daisuke Tanabe – Invasion feat. May Roosevelt
18. Kan Sano – Elements Of Notice

Link removed in request of Cosmopolyphonic Radio

5 Responses to “Cosmopolyphonic Compilation”

  1. charles darwin says:

    what he said, I can’t find this anywhere! Would like to hear the ichiro and onra track. Anyways thanks for the giallo comps and the other bits and bobs. I read that Dangermouse and some Italian composer are doing a 70′s italian soundtrack themed album, I assume it will be as bland and forgettable as the rest of Dangermouse’s output.

  2. dizLyO says:

    ^Some of what they said…i cant find it any either

  3. CrAZY5470 says:

    NOOOOO!!!!!!! ^same as everyone else. Screw the request :/

  4. lordvegan says:

    where can i find this compilation?

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