Carlos Niño – Ocean Swim Mix


A sweetly gliding mix set from Carlos Nino with a twist – the set features a bevy of astral jazz atmospherics and laidback ambience – with some textural instrumentation by Life Force Trio’s Dexter Story and frequent collaborator Jesse Peterson filtered in and out as a cosmic top layer! The set flavored with Nino productions, a number of which have not been released before now – material by Miguel Atwood-Ferguson, Dwight Trible, Build An Ark and more – plus like minded travellers Ammoncontact, Daedelus, Flying Lotus and Madlib, plus influential legends like Phil Ranelin & The Tribe. The 62 minute set features “Beat #12″ by Ammoncontact, “Back Doorbell” by Daedelus, “Improvisational Day 3″ by Build An Ark, “Boo’s World” by Grant Leuchtner, “Heat For Otis” by Flying Lotus, “How Do We End All This Madness” by Phil Ranelin And Tribe and more.


01. Miguel Atwood-Ferguson:Intro Piano
02. The Life Force Trio – Dream Of Los Angeles With Clear
03. Ammoncontact – Beat no12
04. Joy Jones – Constellations
05. Neo Muyanga – Mamaka
06. Carlos Niño – Bizarre Bazar
07. Hu Vibrational – Sahel
08. GB – Brasilian Drums
09. Daedelus – Back Doorbell
10. Grace Woodroofe – Kensington with Lloyd
11. Build An Ark – Improvisation Day 3
12. Dwight Tribe and The Oasis of Peace – Peace and Love(Trevors Mood)
13. Exile – In Love
14. Teebs – Why Like This
15. Jesse Peterson with Carlos Niño – Sonar(Mall of Hearers)
16. Grant Leuchtner – Boos World
17. Gaby Hernandez – The Tropics
18. Flying Lotus:Heat For Otis
19. Whats The Science? – Matemaatikon
20. Tribe – How Do We End All Of This Madness
21. The Young Jazz Rebels(Madlib) – Miss K
22. Jesse Peterson with Carlos Niño – Big Sur
23. Miguel Atwood-Ferguson – Outro Violin

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    You’re definitely the man for this… I’ve been searching for this for the longest while…

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