Arawak – Accadde A…….


The very small Italian label Squirrel has a unique sound. This library LP is a kind of musical world tour, and the band seems to travel from a destination to another, giving a powerful and sharp groove.

little preview:


01. Accadee a Harlem
02. Accadde a Cuzco
03. Accadde a Bali
04. Accadde a Bahia
05. Accadde a Belfast
06. Accadde a Tutti Noi
07. Accadde a Las Vegas
08. Accadde In Biafra
09. Accadde a Yellow Park
10. Accadde a Lima
11. Accadde ad Atene
12. Accadde a Boston

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  1. Andy says:

    This track is pretty rad, ,looking forward to checking the album proper.

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