VA – Modal Soul Classics II Dedicated To Nujabes


The late, great Seba Jun’s production label, Hyde Out Productions, released a tribute album for the amazingly talented, deceased DJ and producer featuring many wonderful artists that collaborated with Nujabes on several occasions… artists like Uyama Hiroto, Emancipator, and Pase Rock, among many others! Nujabes(who probably needs no introduction to many here) was a very influential Japanese, underground musician who worked in the hip hop/instrumental/jazz genres and was a close friend and inspiration to many artists of similar style. Besides his albums and collections, he was most known for his work heard in the anime “Samurai Champloo”. The tribute album itself is an incredible dedication, featuring not only new renditions of classic Nujabes tunes but also entirely new tracks imagined just for this particular album. Being a longtime fan of Nujabes myself, I couldn’t wait to get my hands on this cd and it is everything I had hoped for. What a wonderful way to pay respects to an amazing person and artist that left this world at way too young an age…

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01. Pase Rock – Kamakura (Conversations With Jun)
02. Calm – Music Is Ours (Saxmental Version)
03. Zack Austin – No One Like You
04. Specifics – Beach Of Life
05. FK – Another Reflection (Seaside Dusk In Kamakura Rework)
06. Kenmochi Hidefumi – Modal Soul (Kenmochi Hidefumi Remix)
07. Five Deez – Latitude Tribute Mix
08. Emancipator – A Day By Atmosphere Supreme
09. Haruka Nakamura – Faure feat. Uyama Hiroto
10. Clammbon with Yamazaki, Mino & Yamane from Toe – Reflection Eternal
11. Uyama Hirto – Homeward Journey

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3 Responses to “VA – Modal Soul Classics II Dedicated To Nujabes”

  1. sara lee says:

    your site has totally change my life right now. im diggin the jazz

  2. Guillaume says:

    I think like you. That was the best tribute. for all his friends. for a genius of music. and if you don’t see the movie tribute ” eternal soul” too here it is :

    Thanks to you to share good music.
    Respect from France.
    Nujabes changes my life. Rest in Beats.

  3. Jem says:

    This is awesome… He changed what I define as music. I put him in a category by himself… RIP Seba Jun

    Jem from Jamaica

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