Robert de Boron – Diaspora


Robert De Boron is a sound producer based in Tokyo, this is his first album featuring Collective Efforts, Stacy Epps, Othello and many more, enjoy!

little preview:


01. Shine a Light (Let’s Love) (Featuring Awa & Junz)
02. Take Your Turn (Featuring Collective Efforts)
03. Jenny (Featuring Daichi Diez & Shaira)
04. Hydrangea After the Rain (Featuring
05. Beginning Again (Featuring Stacy Epps)
06. Love Out of Sight (Featuring Melodee)
07. Advice (Featuring Surreal)
08. Rainbow Trees
09. Focus (Featuring Othello)
10. Singing the Blues (Featuring Topix)
11. Primal Fear (Featuring Warren B & Mo)
12. Tears of the Earth
13. Give It All Up for Love (Featuring Verses and Chloe)
14. Moonquakes

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2 Responses to “Robert de Boron – Diaspora”

  1. TT says:

    cheers, sounds good. have a good weekend mate

  2. gza says:

    Incredible Album!

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