Malcom Catto – Popcorn Bubble Fish


Malcolm Catto has guaranteed a thrilling rollercoaster ride of drum crunching beats and bass of epic proportions. Catto has constructed a masterful album which shows remarkable depth and variety without ever becoming monotinous or repetitive, which some contemporary instrumental break beat orientated albums have the habit of doing after being played a few times. One of the traits of this great album is that Catto has left an individual and indelible print on each track in terms of style, rythm and pace. Put more simply, there are songs which are rather lo-fi sounding with an element of darkness about them, then thrown into the beat blender for good measure, Catto has crafted a storming selection of up tempo break fueled scorchers, sprinkled with a touch of funky organ, a smattering of jazz and washed down with a helping of looping fuzzed up guitars. Once again, Mo Wax have released another stunning album which is steeped in pure quality and class. Popcorn Bubblefish is meaty, beaty and bouncy and is a audio delicacy that must be on the menu for any carnivorous break beat junkies.


01. Rock
02. Velvet
03. Fax
04. Spaghetti
05. Train
06. Metropolis
07. Scorpio Rising
08. Vibes
09. Russ Two
10. Late For Work
11. Drop In, Drop Out
12. Raydio
13. Grumbleweed
14. Eastern Excursion
15. Guitar Edit

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2 Responses to “Malcom Catto – Popcorn Bubble Fish”

  1. Dave says:

    Thx sooooo much for this. This is probably the only record Catto is on that I don’t own for some reason. If there’s any more great obscure Catto besides his Heliocentrics stuff and the Mr Chop EP hes on Id love to hear more.

  2. Merkaba says:

    Couldn’t thank you more for this!

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