Kixnare – Digital Garden


Kixnare, or Łukasz Maszczyński, is a dj and producer originally from Częstochowa now based in Kraków. His firm hip-hop roots have enabled him to grow musically in a way that today he takes inspiration from nearly every realm of sound. He had collaborated with many more and less known figures of the Polish hip-hop scene, but it was the 2007 project ”Class of 90′s ” that really put him on the map as one of the most creative producers in Poland. Since then he has been working hard to deliver that promise – honing his skills as a producer and experimenting with electronics. This is “Digital Garden” really good album.

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01. Dawn
02. Computer Love
03. Dirty Old Maan
04. Natural High
05. Rising Sun
06. Diamonds
07. Boogie Back
08. Keepthat
09. Tomorrow
10. Never Do U Wrong
11. Knockout
12. The Groover
13. Heartbeat feat. Russell Tate

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