Skalpel – Konfusion


Polish duo Skalpel return with their second album for Ninja Tune and it’s a deeper, darker, more satisfying journey into the roots of Eastern European jazz and breaks than they have ever managed before.  Very much one for jazzers, beat heads and strong cigarette smokers, “Konfusion” is an album to soundtrack your espresso breaks and to play so that you don’t have to read Jean Paul Sartre. These boys are celebrities in their mother country, which suggests that the Poles have slightly better taste than we do.

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little preview:


01. Shivers
02. Flying Officer
03. Long Distance Call
04. Hiperbole
05. Beep Breath
06. Konfusion
07. Test Drive
08. Wooden Toy
09. Split
10. Seaweed

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3 Responses to “Skalpel – Konfusion”

  1. untchble says:

    Nice grooves, thanks!

  2. M says:

    their beats are unbelieveable. greating from Poland;]
    ps. You have a big library of good music here. keep it up

  3. salaski says:

    I wouldn’t be so sure ’bout their ‘celebricity’ in my country but there’s no doubt: Skalepel reallx does create massively mooded and truly climax sound:) prpr rzpkt from Poland anyway mate! I agree you’re doing very good job up here. keep it then:)

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