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Rebel Clique are Fat Jon and Amselet Solomon, in 2005, they released their debut album, “Unique Connection”. It received excellent reviews all across the world. due to its seamless mix of electronic music, hip hop and R&B, it was noted as taking soul music into the 21st century! In 2007 they released “Still Curious”. In the same tradition, the music is soulful and touching. Amleset’s silky voice guides this album in beautiful directions with songs about love, loss and sensuality. Fat Jon has managed to create brand new sounds to accompany these vibes. These two artists are still curious about their own style as well as what’s to come from them in the future.

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2005 – Unique Connection


01. Get Away
02. More Than You Know
03. Right Now
04. Calling
05. Hard To Let Go
06. One Night
07. From You to You
08. Looking Glass
09. Moving On
10. Believe In Me
11. What You Got
12. Mind Game
13. Out Of Space
14. Get Away (Remix)

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2007 – Still Curious


01. Still Ready
02. Gotta Let You Know
03. My World
04. Still Waiting
05. Unspoken Goodbye
06. The Wave
07. Still Striving
08. Losin’ It
09. Sneakin Around
10. Still Chillin
11. Let Me Go (If You Don’t Love Me)
12. To Love
13. Still In Love
14. First Kiss
15. That Day
16. Still Breathing

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    Thank you very much. I really appreciate all the music you have introduced me to!!!!!!

  2. Isa says:

    Do you happen to have the Unique Connection Instrumentals album? I’ve been searching everywhere for it!

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