Randy Weston – African Cookbook


Randy Weston has long been an important and highly original pianist and composer within musicians’ circles. This album, which Randy produced and released himself in limited edition, is among his finest works and has become a valuable collectors’ item among those of us who have known of its existence. The album, especially the composition African Cookbook, is in very heavy debt; to Africa. The melody evokes North Africa and the rhythms come from all over Africa. I knew the rhythms were African, of course, but I didn’t realize how universally African they were until the 1967 tour when Africans in nearly every I country we visited claimed the rhythms in Cookbook as their own, as typical of Ghana or Gabon or Upper Volta or Morocco or wherever. That’s pretty heavy!


01. Berkshire Blues
02. Portrait Of Vivian
03. Willie’s Tune
04. Niger Mambo
05. African Cookbook
06. Congolese Children
07. Blues For Five Reasons

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