Phonosapiens – Circulating Instrument


DJ M-tone, DJ Sight & DJ Fischermann’ Franz’n represent the turntablism combo Phonosapiens, dropping their debut “Circulating Instrument” on Austria’s Supercity imprint! A mix of downtempo attitudes, old fashioned turntablism manners similar as the Smart Blip Experience and hitekk cutting makes it a suitable piece of music, eager to please some more people than just scratch nerds. In the past years, turntablism releases have been a rare form, this crew from Austria’s mountain region Tyrol now contribute a new gem to that genre.

little preview:


01. Intro
02. Cheefproduction
03. Fingertiddletaddle
04. As I Can
05. Samples Of Abstract
06. Electrotherapy
07. Shi No Yubi
08. Drugdeath
09. Smokeyphonos feat. Smokey Joe
10. Phonostones
11. Relaxation Time
12. As I Can (Remix Twang)

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    nice album, sometimes smooth and jazzy. I still enjoy

  2. gangangan says:

    good flow

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