Ornette Coleman – Something Else!!!!


These are tunes that Coleman wrote in his early 20s, that he finally got a chance to record in his late 20s, in 1958. He had, meanwhile, been leading the life of a musical maverick, often-fired by leaders perturbed by his idiosyncratic approach. He was, after all, intent on digging up and replanting jazz. Hearing the startling exuberance in Coleman’s compositions, and in his own whinnying playing, one senses that–truly–an annunciation is being made: Here is Something Else. With sublime assurance, Coleman was breaking free from the dictates of chordal playing, in search of increased melodic and harmonic opportunities. Pianist Walter Norris obliges by generally staying out of the way, after session producers put him in it–it is clear that the piano was not the instrument that would assist Coleman’s mission.


01. Invisible
02. The Blessing
03. Jayne
04. Chippie
05. The Disguise
06. Angel Voice
07. Alpha
08. When Will The Blues Leave
09. The Sphinx

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